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is a stand-alone lock which enrolls users quickly and easily using
specially designed function cards. All you have to do to begin enrolling users is swipe the learn card through the reader. Then just swipe a User card and a User Cancel card. The lock is now ready to use; nothing to it! Can be converted into a higher capacity lock also!

Every Solitaire 850L lock can enroll up to 200 users using Learn Lok technology. This all-weather lock is powered by four standard AA alkaline batteries.
All critical parts are installed within the inside housing
•Visual and audible operation indicators
•No external wiring needed
•Works on 4 standard AA alkaline batteries Rated at 80,000 openings
•Realtime clock
•Outside Lever has a cluth drive so it cant be forced and broken
•Can be put in a passage mode (so you can enter without a card)
• 200 users.
Everything you need is organized in a single folder. Your Starter Pack includes a Quick
Reference Guide, a User Log, Function cards, User cards (10) and User Cancel cards.
Start up card Sets the facility code so that only your starter pack and no one else's can
operate the lock. Learn card puts the lock in the learn mode so you can create a user
or master level card for a new employee for instance that just joined the company.
User card, opens the lock. With three user levels you can also enroll master level cards
to override the deadbolt or latch and put the lock in the passage mode. You can even
enroll an existing credit card or bank card to open the lock.
User cancel card Cancels the corresponding user card. When an employee loses a card
just swipe the cancel card to invalidate it.
Master level card Cancels all master level cards so you can maintain security after an
employee in upper management leaves the company.
Lockout card Temporarily locks out all user and master level cards so you can keep
people out of a defective bathroom for instance.
Emergency card Overrides the deadbolt or latch so you can do a room by room check
in an emergency. Passage card places the lock in a unlock mode so you can open up the
front door for instance during regular office hours without a card. Order Below
Audit card Allows audit information for the last 1000 events to be downloaded from the
lock using the special audit trail software below. You can keep track and a record of who
entered the office or room. Order Below
Audit Trail Software has a 1000 event audit trail (You need to use your own PC or laptop to us this option.) Order Below

Each lock needs to be programmed with the programming cards in the starter pack. If you need just one lock you'll need the starter pack but if you'll be using more than one lock and if all these locks will be used and programmed in the same way by the same people then you'll still need only one starter pack. If locks will be programmed differently or if the person programming the locks will be different then different progamming cards will be needed so you'll need another starter pack. Order Below Please call if your not sure.

Determine your backset and hand before you order
Click Here

Kaba Ilco 850L Cylindrical Lock Left Hand 2 3/4 Backset in Satin Chrome

Kaba Ilco 850L Cylindrical Lock Right Hand 2 3/4 Backset in Satin Chrome

Additional Kaba Ilco 850L Cards in packs of  25 User and 25 Cancel cards 

 50 Kaba Ilco Cancel Cards 
use your own mag stripe cards $60.00 

KABA ILCO Solitaire 850L Card Reader Access Control Cylinderical Lock  Starter Pack
Starter Pack includes
7 function,10 user, 10 cancel cards
You must order this to program above lockset



Audit Trail Software has a 1000 event audit trail
(You need to use your own PC or laptop to use this option).

 Audit Trail Software $190.00
 PC Interface Cable $200.00


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